Web Design & Development

Edward Levy

“MGWebworks took the few thoughts I had about what I needed and built a site within my budget that far exceeded my expectations.

“Marc got pretty much everything right–the spacing, design, structure, even the colors and fonts. He fixed things I didn’t know were broken, and seemed to know intuitively how I wanted to represent what I do online.

“I also liked the way he works, asking me for feedback along the way, talking me out of some suggestions while affirming others, adding his own inventiveness, and patiently tweaking till things were exactly where they needed to be–clear, simple, really beautiful IMO, and in a form I can manage on my own.”

Ed Levy

Editor, www.edwardlevy.com

Edward Levy

Book Editing Associates

“When MGWebworks took over, they prioritized the intervention needed to jumpstart the business, both organic and PPC. He expertly and quickly handled all the issues.

“We are seeing the results, and I hope Marc will be our one-and-only for years to come.”

Lynda Milstein Lotman

Owner, Book Editing Associates

Smart Digital Australia

We have been utilizing Marc’s services for some years now and always found him to be very creative and resourceful in both web design and back office engineering.

Marc has also been brilliant with the mandatory web security. We like and admire his work very much.

James Cunningham

Managing Director, Smart Digital Australia

Smart Digital Australia

Guard Up! Inc.

Marc took the time to understand the feel of what we needed for our 3 separate websites. He went above and beyond by making suggestions on better plugins as well as our goal to improve the speed of our website load time (which he did by more than 400%).

Meghan Gardner

Founder and CEO, Guard Up, Inc.