Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art and science of increasing the ranking of a webpage in the unpaid search results in order to be found by those searching for what that webpage has to offer.

For example, if you sell blue t-shirts on your website, you want your website to appear at the top of the search results when someone searches Google for “blue t-shirt.”

In the early days of the web, good SEO was simply a matter of making sure that the words you wanted to be found for were on the page enough times, and in the right places, embedded in the right code.

But now the search engines (Google in particular, which at the time I am writing this accounts for 91.86% of search queries – source: Statcounter) have worked very hard to ensure that they are delivering the best, most authoritative results. There are over 200 factors in the Google algorithm and it is always evolving.

As the search engines have become more sophisticated so has the practice of SEO.

White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat

Simply put, white hat means following the rules of the search engines and black hat means trying to game the system.

At MGWebworks we are only interested in white hat SEO. We are dedicated to helping our clients build sustainable, long-term results. That means doing things right, focusing on lasting results rather than quick wins that could eventually lead to disaster.

What is SEO in 2019?

There are many practices involved, including:

  • Technical Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • SEO Market & Competition Research
  • Content Marketing via the Search Engines
  • Link Building and Outreach
  • Mobile Usability optimization
  • UX Optimisation – Ensure a positive user experience
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation and Analytics

There are 2 basic areas of SEO:

On-page SEO refers to factors regarding your website. It is essential that the content, the site structure, the coding, site load time, mobile usability, and various other technical considerations are right. Small technical can issues can cause big problems with the search engines.

Off-page SEO refers to those factors not directly on your website, such as external links to your site, the quality and relevance of the linking sites, citations and mentions of your business, and off-site reviews of your business.

Website Audits

Every SEO project begins with a thorough audit. A crucial first step is to identify both strengths and weaknesses in detail.

A website audit will include an analysis of every aspect of your website, both on-site and off-site. It will include clear explanations and actionable suggestions.

Is Your Website Mobile Friendly?

As Google rolls out the mobile-first search index it is essential that your website be mobile friendly. It needs to be fast loading and easy to use on the smallest of screens. I’ll make sure you aren’t caught off guard when the mobile index is rolled out

Local SEO

Does your business serve a local area? Local SEO has its own set of concerns and practices.
We can help you be found by your potential customers in your area.

Web Design and User Experience (UX) Optimization

Too often web design and development takes place without any consideration given to SEO. Designers and developers usually don’t know anything about SEO. Although they may create a really cool website with all sorts of flashy bells and whistles, the reality is that SEO issues are often baked in from the beginning.

The ideal scenario is that SEO work takes place before, during, and after the web development process. In reality, we are often tasked with fixing those baked in issues after the fact.

With this in mind, we offer full web design and development services. Our experienced team is can handle any issues, or even build a new site that is optimized from the start.

You Need SEO

If you have a website and you are not paying attention to SEO you are leaving money on the table. Properly executed SEO strategies will help your prospective customer or client to find what they need: YOU!