You like money? I sure do.

That’s why I start sites on cheap WordPress hosting.

If you are just getting a WordPress website started, or maybe your site is relatively small, and doesn’t get an enormous amount of traffic, you don’t need to spend a lot for decent hosting. As time goes on if your site outgrows its starter hosting plan, well that’s fine, it’s easy to upgrade.

The competition is fierce in the hosting world. Hundreds of hosting companies are competing for your for your hard-earned cash and your trust. It’s a buyers market, so you can be choosy.

How to Choose Hosting for a WordPress Website

Not every plan I’m recommending here has all of these features, but they are what I took into consideration in deciding which plans to include in the post.

  • Cheap! – The most expensive plan I cover is $3.95/mo. The cheapest is only $0.80.  A longer commitment is often required to get the lowest price, but not always. Another consideration is that many hosting companies jack up the price upon renewal.
  • Good for WordPress – Given the market share of WordPress many hosting companies have been stepping up features and support related to it.  There no reason to host a WordPress site anywhere that doesn’t have features that are good for it.
  • SSD and HTTP/2 – More hosting companies are adopting solid state drives (SSD’s) which are faster and more reliable than traditional hard drives. The benefit of HTTP/2 is that it is asynchronous and supports multiplexing. Big words right? Explaining those things is a topic for another blog post. But what it means to you is more efficient communication between the browser and the server, and ultimately better performance, i.e. faster.  Both of these things have become common, they are part of how a quality budget plan can exist.
  • Uptime – Yeah we want our site to actually be online. All the plans recommended in this post have a good record when it comes to uptime.
  • Customer support – If customer supports sucks, well, it just sucks. You don’t want to be waiting days, or even hours if your site goes down. I once waited 3 days to hear back from Hostgator support, and their answer wasn’t even helpful.
  • Free Migration – There are so many newbies starting WordPress sites, I think a good host should offer this service.
  • What’s included? – Many hosting plans include a domain and/or SSL. You may not need the domain, but if you do it’s nice to not have to pay for one. And you definitely should have an SSL.
  • Security – The web is a dangerous place. There are bots poking around your WordPress site all the time. A quality host has to take security very seriously.
  • Ease of use – Some hosting interfaces are just annoying and for me that’s a deal breaker.  When it’s  unintuitive and annoying I find myself wishing they would just have a standard cPanel.
  • Money back guarantee or trial period – It stands to reason that if you are not happy with a service you should get your money back.

Cheap Hosting Plans for WordPress

1. FastComet – SmartStart Plan


A relative newcomer to the hosting business, FastComet has quickly become my go to hosting company. MGWebworks is hosted at with them (full disclosure: on Speedup plan at $9.95/mo).

Key Features:

  • How Cheap? -The StartSmart Plan, FastComet’s lowest price hosting plan is only $2.95 per month.
  • Not an Introductory Price. Unlike many other hosting companies, SiteGround for example, FastComet doesn’t jack up the price when it comes time to renew. And they don’t play that game that so many hosting companies do where things are always at a “discount price.”
  • Excellent WordPress Friendly Server Environment – The SmartSmart plan includes 2 cpu cores and 2 GB RAM availability. The servers are all SSD’s, http/2, and php7 by default. Unlike other hosting company budget plans, resources are guaranteed, even with the super cheap StartUp plan.
  • International SSD-Only Cloud Hosting – 8 data centers located in the US, Europe and Asia. You can choose where your site is hosted.
  • Only One Website – 15 GB Server Space -The StartSmart plan is for one website only. If you want to host more than one site on a single account you will need either the ScaleRight plan ($5.95/mo) or the SpeedUp Plan ($9.95/mo).
  • Great Customer Support – The FastComet support team is in-house, not outsourced. They respond promptly, they know what they are doing and they actually help. They are available 24/7 over the phone or online chat. They even offer help if your site is hacked, unlike so many other hosts who leave it to you to handle yourself, or charge extra fees to clean out a hacked site.
  • BitNinja Security – FastComet servers employ BitNinja, a modular security suite that protects your site from malicious attacks in a multitude of ways including Web Application Firewall (WAF), ip filtering,  Dos protection, malware detection, a log analyzer, and more. Suffice it to say that FastComet takes security very seriously.
  • Free Domain & Let’s Encrypt SSL – Even at the cheap price point of $2.95 a month. The domain is free for life as long as you continue hosting it at FastComet.
  • Free WordPress Migration – If you are moving an existing site to FastComet they will do it for you. No fuss no muss.
  • Free Daily Backup and Restore – Included with even the cheapest plan.
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee – You a have a full month and a half to change your mind and get all of your money back.

FastComet is my top choice shared hosting company. I host my own WordPress sites there, and I have moved quite a few of my clients there.

Try FastComet

2. SiteGround – StartUp Plan


SiteGround is extremely popular these days, and for good reason. All of their plans, including the StartUp plan include managed WordPress hosting, which means the means the server is managed to maximize performance, speed and security. They are known for their fast servers and excellent customer support, even with their cheapest hosting plan.

Key Features

  • How Cheap? – The StartUp Plan starts $3.95/mo, and you can lock this price in for up to 3 years. The price does go up significantly when you renew so it makes sense to pay for 3 years upfront.
  • Excellent Server Environment – With managed WordPress hosting features, SDD’s, http/2,  SiteGround has a lot to offer even at the lowest price point.
  • 4 Data Centers on 3 Continents – Choose to host your WordPress site in Chicago, Amsterdam, London, or Singapore.
  • Only One Website – 10GB Web Space – You will have to upgrade the the GrowBig plan at $5.95/mo. if you want to host more than one site.
  • Siteground WordPress SuperCacher – SiteGround is famous for their in house WP Supercacher, with 3 levels of caching. Unfortunately the Startup Plan any includes level 1: static content caching. You will need to go with a higher level plan to get all 3 levels of caching. I don’t use the SuperCacher on the sites I manage that are hosted there because my top choice caching plugin, Swift Performance Pro, gets much better results.
  • Free Domain & Let’s Encrypt SSL – If you register a new domain when you create your account  it’s free for the life of the hosting account. All siteground plans include a free Let’s Encrypt SSL.
  • Customer Support – SiteGround has excellent customer support via phone, chat and tickets, however they give priority to customers with the more expensive plans.
  • Security – SiteGround is serious about security. They have a lot of security features including Web Application Firewall (WAF), what they call their uniques account isolation setup to ensure that your site is safe even if another site is compromised on the server, and aggressive monitoring.
  • Free Daily Backups –  They will back your site up 30 times daily, but unlike their other plans you cannot backup you site on demand and you’ll have to pay to have a backup restored.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – Although they do not offer a money back guarantee on some services, like cloud hosting and dedicated servers, you have 30 days to pull out of the shared hosting plans.

Try SiteGround

4. Hostinger – Single Shared Hosting


Hostinger evolved from, which used to offer free hosting. Their plans are super cheap, but they don’t include any extras.

Key Features

  • How Cheap? – At only $0.80/mo with a 4 year commitment,  $1.45/mo. with a 2 year commitment, $1.95/mo. for 1 year, and $2.15/mo for 3 months, the Hostinger Single Shared Hosting Plan is truly the cheapest of the cheap. But it’s bare bones. You will pay extra for a domain, SSL, even priority support.
  • Server Environment – Highly tuned environment for WordPress – HTTP/2,  NGINX caching, php7 by default. The servers are all SSD. You are limited to 100GB bandwidth per month, but let’s face it, if you reach that you should have your site on a more robust plan anyhow.
  • Only 1 Website with 10GB Server Space – It is called  “Single Shared Hosting” for a reason. You are only allowed 1 MySQL database, which might be a dealbreaker for some people.
  • Great Support – Hostinger offers 24/7 chat only customer service. You have to be logged in to reach it. They have an extensive knowledge base and tutorials available on their website.
  • Bitninja Security – Hostinger uses uses BitNinja security, the same as already described in the FastComet section of this article. It is a modular system that protects your site from malicious attacks with a Web Application Firewall (WAF), ip filtering,  Dos protection, malware detection, a log analyzer, and more. Good stuff.
  • Domain & SSL Not Included – with the Single Shared Hosting plan.  They are included in the Premium and Business Plans, which cost more, but are still pretty cheap. But still, this plan is so cheap it’s still worth it to shell out the extra cash for a domain. And there are plenty of inexpensive, or free SSL solutions available.
  • Only 1 Email Account – If you want more than one email account on their server you will require a Premium or Business plan.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee – You have 30 days to get your money back if you decide Hosinger is not for you.

Try Hostinger

5. DreamHost – Shared Starter


Key Features

  • How Cheap? – $2.59/mo if you pay for 3 years, $3.95/mo when you pay for 1 year, and $4.95/mo. if you pay for just one month.
  • Server Environment – The DreamHost value plans are on servers with SSD’s but if you want HTTP/2 you need to go with a DreamPress plan. With the value plans you are sharing the server resources with all the other sites on the server, but the DreamPress plans feature dedicated resources.
  • Support – DreamHost support is US based and in-house. The value plans include what they call “standard” support. The more expensive DreamPress plans include “Specialized WordPress” specialized support.
  • Extras – The value plans don’t include a domain, but they do include a free Lets Encrypt SSL. Unlike the DreamHost plans which include a preinstalled SSL, you have to take the time to set it up, but they make it very simple, so in my mind this is not a big deal. It’s worth noting that unlike Dreamhost’s more expensive hosting plans, the cheap starter plan does not include an email account for your domain.
  • 97 Day Money Back Guarantee – I’m not sure where they came up with the number 97, but it is nice that DreamHost will give you all your money back after 97 days of opening your value plan account. The DreamPress plans only come with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Try Dreamhost

Quality & Cheap WordPress Hosting

There are other companies that offer low cost hosting for a WordPress website, and some of them are great too. I’ve had experience with all the plans here and I can honestly recommend them. If you are starting up a site in 2019 you can’t go wrong with one of these.